Balanced Health Complementary Medicine LLC


   WELCOME!     to Balanced Health Complementary Medicine!


     Located at:  9420 SW 77th Avenue, Darlow Bldg, Suite 201

                         Miami, FL 33156



     Serving the Dadeland, Kendall, Killian, Palmetto Bay,  Pinecrest,

     South Miami & The Falls neighborhoods of Greater Miami


     Balanced Health is committed to providing safe Holistic Wellness,

     Mind-Body Therapies & Energy Healing Approaches

     for your Body, Emotions, Mind & Spirit

     for your return to Balanced Wellness. 


                              Who Shifts Your Energy?


               Linda S. Greenfield, BS,  MS Ac.,  Dipl. Ac.,  AP

                           Acupuncture Physician (FL Licensed & National Board Certified)

                                Heart Energy Therapies & Coaching for


                                          Mind-Body Wellness

                                               Life & Spiritual Growth


     Certified & Practicing these many proven

          Consciousness & Energetic Modalities:

               Acupuncture / Acupressure

               Traditional Chinese Medicine

               Detox, Herbal & Nutritional Education & Support

               Bio Scalar - Light Beam Generator Lymphatic Therapy


           Coaching with Mind-Body & Energy Approaches

               Access Consciousness

               The BodyTalk System

               EFT  -  Emotional Freedom Techniques

               NAET® - Nabrudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques


           Specializing in safe & non-invasive approaches for:

                Allergy Elimination


                Auto-Immune Disorders

                Better Brain Function for Autism, ADD, & Emotional Issues

                Chronic Conditions


                Gastric Disorders

                Pain Relief

                Personal Transformation

                Stress Release

                Weight Issues


  Call about Balanced Health's successful

   Heart Energy Therapies & Coaching Programs:


     Be Your Perfect Weight


          Be Without Allergies


               Be Pain Free!


                    Be Stress Free & Live Well


                         Balance Your Blood Sugar


                              Transform Your Life


  By Appointment ONLY - Absolutely No Walk Ins!

   Office Location:  

  Balanced Health Complementary Medicine llc

                      9420 SW 77th Avenue

                      Darlow Bldg,  Suite 201

                      Miami, FL  33156


 Office phone:  305 - 969 - 4748

 E-mail address:     Linda@AcuDoc.net 

 Web site address:  www.AcuDoc.net




The material contained on this website is specifically meant for educational purposes. 

This information is not intended to be used by the reader to diagnose, treat or replace the care of an appropriate licensed healthcare practitioner. 







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